Last update: 9-02-2012

Who are we?

Creative and Innovation Business Incubation Center (CIBIC) from Roznov, Piatra Neamţ was created in 2003 through the PHARE RICOP project implemented by the ECOFOREST Association Neamţ within the component of Active Measures to increase the employment level.

The project’s objective was to sustain the entrepreneurial options for the people laid off by the S.C. FIBREXNYLON S.A. Săvineşti as a result of restructuring program.

One of the partners of this project, Professional Training Center, Roznov offered a surface of 550 m2 from a building. This space was rehabilitated and segmented so it can host an entrepreneurial initiative.

In time, the association’s mission focused towards innovation promoting to create competitive businesses.

The SUSTENPOL concept was created and developed, then the SUSTENPOL INNOVATION, to promote a sustainable development in domains with an increased rate of development.

We have made partnerships with universities from the North-East Region and research institutes from the country to apply different projects.

The incubator continues to give consultancy to potential entrepreneurs who want to start or to develop a business that will generate income and work places. Some of the entrepreneurs left the incubator, others came and they have showed different levels of trust in this form of support of the entrepreneurial spirit.

Base services given to incubated firms are the following:

  • hosting
  • according consultancy in
    • business pre-evaluation
    • business management organizing
    • developing business plans
    • developing projects for financing
  • creating partnerships to participate in innovative projects in different interest areas

We are waiting for potential entrepreneurs to participate in programs of cooperation initiated and developed by CIBIC.

About us

CIBIC's mission is to stimulate the sustainable development of the local communities, companies, institutionsand organizations.

The main objectives of CIBIC Association for the 2007 – 2013 period are the following:

  • To promote the entrepreneurial spirit among the people from the age active segment, respecting the policies promoted by the European Union in the sector of equality of chances. Special actions for women and young entrepreneurs
  • To offer hosting, consultancy and assistance for businesses and new firms that request business incubation services
  • To offer consultancy and assistance to developing businesses and companies. To identify the adequate solutions, to help of firms in difficulty
  • Promoting new concepts of integrated development in which performance and competitiveness are priorities: business consultancy, innovation, technological transfer, knowledge transfer, and technological audit
  • Offering consultancy to the public and private sector to develop instruments that will facilitate the local development on sustainable principles: strategic planning, business incubators, technological platforms like parks, access and utilities infrastructure
  • Promoting the concept of local development like an instrument of local resources management correlated with the human needs and to ensure the access for future generations
  • To participate to the training of the human resources necessary to develop the entrepreneurial initiatives, to apply the innovation in activity domains
  • Participation to sustainable partnerships, to build integrated and integrable complex structures, to facilitate the path from innovative ideas to economic appliances that will favor a competitive economic sector in the North-East Region


CIBIC vision is to build a business model, in the context of a society based on knowledge, on a matrix that comprises 4 activity domains and 4 intervention levels:

Consultancy Cooperation Technological transfer Research
Demand for Knowledge - Strategic planning
- Resources identification
- Promoting partnerships with innovation organizations - Research & development vs. strategic marketing - Ideas portfolio
- Developing and applying research projects
Need for innovation - Action plans
- Opportunities identification
- Make partnerships with commercial companies and other organizations - Portfolio of companies’ problems - Build partnerships of complete projects (idea – application)
Integration - Creation of partnerships
- Creation of clusters
- Innovative technological transfer
- Promoting partnerships with organizations that sustain innovative development - Participation to technological platforms - Complex harnessing of the innovational solutions and methods
Training - Training the support human resources orientated towards a competitive entrepreneurship - Cooperation in the field of performant and competitive human resources - Information companies to attract the persons capable of performance - Creation and development of communication channels for new ideas and project

Company's values

Towards: Guiding principles Stability In whom we trust?
Clients (incubates companies, un-companies not incubated, potential entrepreneurs) Dynamism: continuous adaptation of services to the clients needs and to adapt to the client needs Rigorous approach: detailed building of adequate solutions specific to the activity domain Ensuring competent services Focus on quality: involving the client in the business, focus on ensuring a high quality for the services provided
Partners (sponsors, other organizations) Commitment: assuming the responsibility Opportunities identification: Domains diversity, knowledge dynamics Professionalism : implication and focus on the aproached subjects
Employees (employees and volunteers) Commitment: assuming the objectives and responsibility to achieve them. Fidelity: personnel stability to increase performance and quality of the services Professional Co-interest of the personnel: career, social position, wage
Local community Local development: use of material and human resources Management through projects: attracting financial resources Entrepreneurial spirit: performing management
Founding Members Interest: fulfilling the mission for which it was created Interest community to ensure the development of the local economy Social and economic utility of the organization: building a brand based on quality, seriousness and exigency

Autoevaluare Atestare CDI CICIA 2008

Atestat de Autoritatea Nationala de Cercetare Stiintifica prin decizia 9719 din 18.08.2008 pozitia III - 5